Monday, August 25, 2014

Topps Chrome # 8 Rex Burkwho?

This is one of those cards that you can expect will be pretty unimportant five years from now. A sixth round pick for the Bengals he was largely overshadowed by some kid named Giovani Bernard picked by the same team in the same draft. A knee injury during the preseason has cut down his limited playing time as well. 

Going through the Beckett organize feature I notice that lower tier rookies have far less variations for their cards than do the well-known guys like Tavon Austin and Geno Smith. Compare yesterday's addition of Gavin Escobar where one could conceivably buy 52 variations of his Topps Chrome Rookie whereas Burkhead has a "paltry" 20 cards, this even includes his Superfractor and the 4 printing plates. This makes tons of sense as you don't really need a jersey card of some guy that Topps isn't even expecting to make an impact on the game in the long term. That being said we do end up having tons of autographs and jersey cards of nobodys. Just take a look at the search term "auto lot" and you'll see as many 1 dollar jersey cards and autographs as you can handle. For every Tony Romo rookie there are 1000 Cierre Wood or Jared Lorenzen cards that get made that only matter to set collectors and team collectors.

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