Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Broncos Rookie from Topps Chrome

  Anytime I can get a Broncos QB for my collection it's a good day. Based on what I've seen from both this guy and the guy ahead of him (Brock Osweiler) the Broncos have extreme depth at QB. Would it hurt the Broncos chances for the playoffs if Manning went down? Certainly. However, I wouldn't count them out completely as I would with almost any other team in the league. Dysert had a great college career at Miami of Ohio and has been touted as the best prospect to come out of that school since Ben Roethlisberger. Looking at his stats I have a hard time believing he lasted until the seventh round but we as fans don't know the whole story; his interviews, combine workouts (if he even went) and other factors may have lead to his slide. This is my second Dysert card from the Topps Chrome master set; I got his blue wave refractor as part of a lot on Ebay earlier this year.

Collecting one team exclusively can have its benefits. I collected Broncos cards almost exclusively a few years ago but set collecting appeals to me more because you have a wider base of breakout stars and cool cards that you'll come across. With all the variations, 1/1's and printing plates it's impossible to even collect every card of the team that you like every year. Some people choose to break boxes and then use every other team as trade bait, other people like to buy the singles they need off of Ebay or

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