Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another old school football card, this one's a Rookie!

Today's card is a RC card of Craig Erickson. He played for 7 years and has his best year as a pro in 1993 where he passed for over 3,000 yards and 18 TDs. He was a highly rated draft pick but seems like he had an average career. Winning the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm award in college he joined the ranks of some successful QBs like Matt Ryan and Andrew Luck. This award, like any college accolade is not indicitive of pro football success by any means, just like Heisman winners sometimes go on to be great pros but many of them do not.

This is the 11th Pacific card I've added to my collection. I should be getting in my 2013 Topps Chrome set very soon so we'll be taking a look at those cards for a while once that happens.

The regular Topps set has come up on Ebay and they look pretty damn good. For some reason we'll have to wait till somewhere around Thanksgiving for the Topps Chrome release to come out though. I think that will be the next set that I'll be purchasing. Should be damn good with a really strong rookie class and a great design. That and the fact that this might be Topps' last foray into the football card market for quite some time. We as collectors should be pretty upset about that. I know I am. First UD and now this? Panini cards suck.

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