Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today's add is my favorite card in the whole set!

I'm a huge Broncos fan and my favorite position is running back. Stands to reason that this is my favorite card and a great reason to go ahead and purchase the set outright after buying a box that had roughly 30 percent of the base cards I needed. Based on some of the higher end versions of this card like the autographed base, the autographed refractor /150 and others there is huge movement on this guy in the offseason. 

People are expecting Ball to be a 1500 yard back this year in a prolific Broncos offense. Obviously there's a lot of  "what ifs" to be answered but I'm hoping it happens. I drafted him in my fantasy league and I hope that all the analysts and so-called experts are right about him. I even passed over Eddy Lacy who has more game time experience; in retrospect that might have been kind of dumb. I usually don't let team affiliation play any part in how I draft but I think this time I let my emotions take over rather than doing what I know I should have. Only time will tell as with either second year back quite a lot can happen over the course of 16 games.

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