Thursday, August 28, 2014

Today's addition from the 49ers

This is my second Patrick Willis add for this month! This one's card # 12 and indicates that Willis went to the ProBowl in 2012. I'm kind of surprised that this one didn't get a photo variation as popular as Willis is with defensive collectors and 49ers fans. There's only a few guys that get much value in the hobby as defensemen. Urlacher and Ray Lewis come to mind but now they're retired I would say Willis, being a perennial pro bowler and being from a large market team like the niners would be one of the top people that collectors go after.If Clowney does well this year I can see people jumping on that bandwagon too. Great defenders are good for the hobby because it's not all about the QBs and the running backs. All positions are important and it's time that collectors saw the value of other players outside Aaron Rodgers and Eddie Lacy.

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