Saturday, August 30, 2014

A couple rookies from 2013 Topps Chrome today!

Today and yesterday brought some high profile rookies from 2013. "Ziggy" Ansah could very well be that missing piece that finally gets the Lions into playoff contention this year. Justin Hunter has been a pretty great addition for the Titans as well. The Hunter card is # 18A meaning that he's got a type B card out there as well. I got curious as to the insertion rate of these photo variations and I believe the number is 1:320 packs, so pretty damn rare, probably something like 1 per case. There appear to be 55 shortprints in the 220 card set. Even averaging at 10 dollars a card these extra photo variations cards would end up running you $550 give or take a few bucks. That could be kind of an expensive set and one that could easily be mistaken for commons if you think about this for a second. A person that was not familiar with the set wouldn't even notice the difference or understand the rarity of these cards. They'd look like 10 cent commons in the eyes of someone passingly familiar with football cards. This could appeal to some people but I think if these were appropriately marked on the back at least it would be far better. I have not seen any of the SPs in person so if I'm wrong about this, please let me know.

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