Sunday, August 10, 2014

How many more blue wave refractors do I need to finish my set?

After this beauty has been added I'm down to 199 more. It's difficult for me to have the patience to slowly grind away at this set but it's definitely fun. I got this one for the lowest price yet, .76 cents including shipping! Usually these are averaging a couple of dollars a piece.

To combat my boredom I've decided to work on three sets simultaneously. The other two were sets I started in 2012 and lost my way on them. The first one is the 2012 Spx football set. I'm a little under halfway done on this. The monster of the set seems to be the Andrew Luck /99 (and autographed) which is fetching anywhere from 300 to 600 dollars on Ebay. I can't even imagine what a card shop, especially in Indianapolis would want for it. This is a good development because if I went through the trouble of finishing a 2012 set I would want both the Robert Griffin and the Luck, not just Griffin. The Andrew Luck appears to just be coming back from the mystery redemption cards that were popping up in these packs when they first came out. Everyone speculated what these would be and it appears we now have the answer.

The other set I'm working on is also from 2012. Panini Black was another product that I really liked the looks of. The 35 card set is pretty much what we all like out of a product. Autographs, jersey pieces and a stunning design. These mostly black cards were signed with a gold pen and look pretty damn awesome. I've got 6 of the 35 so far including the Nick Foles and the Ryan Tannehill which are both picking up steam. I'll try to get one of the cheaper ones for this run. The Russell Wilson out of this set looks really awesome but it may be a while before I can get my hands on that one. I'll probably be getting something like an Isaiah Pead, Michael Egnew or a David Wilson, all of which are dirt cheap these days.

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