Thursday, July 4, 2013

2013 Spx Manti Te'o Autographed Rookie #81

Here's a photo. On closer inspection his last name is Te'o. I wonder how many ebayer's misspell this name. Probably everyone. The autograph is fairly nice and memorable; it's not quite a "give up" squiggle like Chris Johnson from the Titans but it's not as nice as Terrell Davis or Dan Marino's. The jersey looks clean and unused because it's not a Notre Dame Game Used Jersey as Upper Deck might lead you to believe. It's a jersey that was probably put on for a few minutes. I'm not sure why collectors demand the jersey piece these days as it has no real connection to either the players or the games they've played in, especially with these rookie cards. The card is well designed and miles above any of the other 2013 cards that have been issued so far. I'm pretty happy to have it and it looks great in person. You can't even tell without close inspection that the autograph is on a sticker. Upper Deck designed the card so that the sticker is well disguised.

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