Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tried to get the Justin Tucker today... but failed.

I saw the Justin Tucker on Ebay along with a nice Bernard Pierce autograph that I could put up for sale. Alas the price went up more than the cards are worth so I'll have to wait for the next good deal to roll around. In the mean time, here's another card from the case break in 2008 that I did, added to my Beckett organize!
This is card # 3, Warrick Dunn. The amount of base cards I got has a rather large sampling of players. I'm used to there being only 2- 3 hot players per team in a 90 card base set. Last year's Spx brand only had a 50 card base set. It seems better to have smaller base sets as these have been devalued so much and except in rare cases like Exquisite and Topps Five Star, people aren't really chasing them. What ends up happening is that so many box breaks are rookie oriented when they should be veteran oriented. Otherwise these cards just won't have long term value. That's honestly the main problem with the hobby. Too many rookie autographs and not enough Elways, Montanas and current veterans to keep the boxes from tanking after a year or two.

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