Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tampa Rolls

Even I'm getting a bit bored with posting base cards daily but it will get better soon. Jeff Garcia was one of the best rookie free agents of all time for those that remember football in the early 2000's He won a ton of games for the 49ers. His career ended rather sadly for what a great player he once was. He ended up bouncing around from one cellar dweller team to another. (Sorry Browns, Tampa and Lions but it's true). Lesson learned is that a bad team can't really benefit from a once-was. (Take note Arizona, Carson Palmer's not going to get you anywhere, trust me.) Mark my words. If the Cards happen to get in the playoffs I'd be pretty damn surprised.

On a side note I purchased a nice lot of cards for resale that I think will do well. I got a 2011 Elite Andy Dalton, Gold Standard Auto RCs of Demarco Murray, Randall Cobb and Austin Pettis. Finally I got a Gold AU RC /25 of Kellan Moore. Based on my research when breaking these up they will sell for much more than the 52.00 I paid for the lot.

Here's the card for the day. Autos and Jersey cards are coming soon from this 5 year old break, be patient!

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