Thursday, July 4, 2013

What's the next card?

The next card that came up in my search once the Manti Te'o was cataloged; 1971 Topps Marty Domres # 66. Here is another San Diego Charger player. I consider myself a Broncos fan so a card like this would not normally find its way into my collection. The fact it's a vintage card also changes up my collecting habits because I've been focusing on all the razzle-dazzle serial numbered autographed inserts of rookies who often don't live up to the hype. How good was Marty as a QB over the years? He played in 9 NFL seasons and is best known for replacing the great Johnny Unitas in Baltimore in 1972. Coincidentally his best season was in 1972 where he threw for 11 touchdowns with 6 interceptions. He ended up with more interceptions than touchdowns in his career however and was usually relegated to the backup role on the four teams he played on. He spent time with the Chargers, Colts, Jets and the 49ers. He was a great college player for Syracuse and he's been inducted to their Hall of Fame. He was drafted in the first round by San Diego (9th overall) in 1969.

I like this card as the red border really contrasts with the photography. That being said the edges are really condition sensitive, much more so than if they had opted with a white background. The red, once dinged up really shows imperfections, bent corners and whitening around the edges. I considered getting a graded version of this card but decided that for the price, this one was in good enough shape that I could live with it. Getting graded versions of vintage cards is only necessary with really old cards of hall of famers, either that or cards that are subject to counterfeits such as the 1984 Topps Dan Marino.

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