Sunday, July 14, 2013

What about box breaks?

I'm thinking  it might be fun to break some along with my challenge. Maybe I'll even do it exclusively for my collection, who knows? If you think about it base cards are really inefficient and tough to get on ebay unless you get giant lots. With box and case breaks you get the excitement of the break and you get the chance to get some sweet cards. I broke a box of elite 2013 football today. I've broken a few boxes over the last year or so but not really sure what to do with the cards. I think I'll do a slow reveal with one card per day. Hey, when I run out, time to go to Mike's Stadium Sports Cards and break again!

I've broken 2013 Elite, 2009 SP Authentic, 2012 Leaf Limited and a few other packs that will make it on here. Once all the cards have been documented and logged in my collection I'll make the next trip.

Today I decided to get a card that caught my eye. One of my favorite players of all time was Terrell Davis. He was the final piece to getting the Broncos their Super Bowl wins. This was about the time I started watching football. His cuts and power were unequaled in the NFL. For his short glory period he may have been the best back of all time. I hope he eventually makes it to the Hall of Fame. His career was short but sweet.

This card was a buyback from Upper Deck. This is somewhat of a high numbered card (one would expect this to be numbered to 30, not 130) but it's still really sweet. I really love the idea of purchasing old base cards and making them special like this. Enjoy!

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