Saturday, July 6, 2013

Leaf Rookie Retro Boxes

So these have been popping up left and right in the new product Leaf Rookie Retro. These boxes are pretty steep at over 250.00 per box. What's interesting is these span over a wide span of years and all the major sports. One card is an encapsulated rookie card of a major star and one "Matrix" card that they created specifically for this product. You get one star highly graded card with PSA 10s of Albert Pujols and BGS 9.5 rookies of Tom Brady, Sam Bradford, even Micheal Jordan. Leaf got these cards through a major buyback program and they were even able to get a few 1/1 superfractor cards of today's hottest stars in football ,baseball and basketball. So far I have not seen hockey cards pulled in this product. I have seen breaks on YouTube where you get 30 dollar cards and some where you get cards worth hundreds. Quite a gamble and it did NOT get good reviews because of this. Someone pulled a Bryce Harper BGS 9.5 USA orange refractor /25 and that is the kind of card that belongs. Another box yielded a BGS 9.5 Topps Chrome Aaron Rodgers. The ungraded version goes for around 50.00 on eBay so that actually was a decent pull as well. We'll see a brief surge of these highly graded star cards on eBay for the next few months before they get scarfed up and put into collector's strong boxes because of this product.

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