Monday, July 8, 2013

Random Thoughts

So far the challenge has been pretty easy. All the cards are within my budget. What happens when I'm faced with a low numbered Aaron Rodgers autograph or maybe even a Walter Payton 1997 UD Legends Auto card? I'll probably just have to save for a while rather than purchasing outright. I've considered what I'd do if a 1/1 comes up that perhaps I get outbid on. I will have to substitute for another comparable 1/1 card in that case. If I'm faced with the prospect of a large lot perhaps I will only chase the first card listed, something along those lines. My thinking is that there are so many random base cards and small time sellers looking to unload overproduced cards that it might be quite a while before I encounter these dilemmas.

                                                        A Budget Buster....

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