Saturday, January 4, 2014

2013 Finest Jeremy Maclin Eagles # 67 (Newest Add)

Grinding out the base cards is no glorious task but I like the idea of just adding one per day. This allows me the time to really enjoy each card and to review the month's additions as a whole (how many stars were added, how many Personal Collection Clinton Portis cards I got, etc.) Last month only saw me add one Portis card, the 2002 SP Authentic but that makes me much happier than if it were 4 jersey cards from 2010. Might make a trip out to my LCS (Local Card Shop) today but it's snowing so makes me less inclined. Have to pick up some supplies, might be kind of cool to see if he's got any more Portis's I can add to the old collection.

Here's today's add!

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