Friday, January 10, 2014

Another Portis card comes to roost! Sweet card for the price!

I got my Ebay Bucks certificate last week and decided to cash it in on a Portis jersey card. I only ended up paying a little over a dollar for this card... delivered which is a pretty sweet deal. Over all the card was only 2.40 which is cheaper than some people will ship cards for (myself included). It was shipped with no toploader but the envelope was so thick that the card thankfully did not get damaged. I wouldn't risk shipping things this way but when you get free shipping on items you have to assume the seller is going to take shortcuts, ie, no toploader, no bubble mailer and basically the card may or may not get to you in good shape. This is an unnumbered jersey card, but any jersey card of a player you collect should be special!

Here's a link to the completed auction as well as a better photo of it.

2006 Prestige Stars of the NFL Clinton Portis # 14

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