Saturday, January 25, 2014

Robert Woods, an emerging star and today's addition to my collection.

This beauty is card #107 in the Finest set. Looks like these generally sell in the 1-2 dollar range on Ebay so it's not a huge card by any means. He was one of the better rookies in 2013 although we all know Keenan Allen was much better and is probably as close to a lock on rookie of the year as you can get. Early on it looked like either Eddy Lacy or Giovani Bernard; two dynamic running backs were going to be the RC of the year but both kind of fizzled out at the end of the season whereas Keenan Allen only got better for the Chargers.

I did manage to pick up a couple of RC autos from Spx 2012 on the cheap from Ebay and they came in looking nice and mint. I really like this set even though it's all college uniforms because I still really love the Spx brand.

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