Thursday, January 30, 2014

Couple of Sick (for me anyway) adds from 2012 Spx Football

Pretty sweet adds here from my slowly growing 2012 Spx set. Although neither one of these guys plays in the NFL anymore it's pretty cool to get autographed rookie cards for next to nothing. If you bought a box of Spx (which would run you more than 100 dollars) you could have gotten these two cards, a Jersey auto Rc of Jeff Fuller and some shadow slots as your hits. In other words, finding these in a box today wouldn't be very nice. Since I'm putting together the set (about half-way there) I'm happy to pick these up for a couple of dollars a piece. Besides, I'm pretty sure this is the first "Richmond Spiders" autograph I have in my collection, and FOR SURE the only auto with the spider logo on it. That's why my allegiance to the Spx brand has continued even though they lost their license. The quality and design work of the cards is still there, perhaps even stronger than in years past.

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