Friday, January 3, 2014

A sweet jersey card for today's addition

Today's card is one from 2013 Elite; 2013 Elite New Breed Jerseys Prime #21 Tyler Eifert. Mine seems to be a bit more of a number and mine's number 75/99 but this picture from Ebay is pretty close. Being drafted in the first round is pretty surprising for any tight end but the Bengals seem to think they have a gem here. He had 445 yards and 2 TDs his rookie year which is far from Gronkowski numbers but I'm sure he has room to grow. This was one of the nicer inserts from 2013 Elite this year. The white background looks pretty nice (1000 times better than the silver foil base cards) and the jersey swatch window is very well placed in relation to the photograph. There is also a standard version of this card numbered to 399 copies which is of course, much easier to pull.

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