Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Couple days adds. One Topps Finest RC and one Old Timey Rookie from a card show about ten years ago!

The first card is just me making my way through the massive group of cards I got from my 2 box break earlier last year. The second one I've had for at least 10 years but have never officially "added" it to my Beckett Organize. This is my only 2003 Sp Authentic card. If I remember right I bought it for about 3-4 dollars even back then which is about what it's worth now. People will still pay a few bucks for these very common rookies just because of the beauty of the card and the fact that it is serially numbered and has a jersey swatch. I figure that everyone that wanted a 2003 Sp Authentic Football set already has one by now. You have to remember that these cards were the "box hit" out of a very expensive (for the time) box. Back then you did not have boxes running much over 100 dollars, now it's pretty commonplace because collectors expect more out of their breaks.

The vertical layout was kind of odd and it looks even more odd for the autographed rookies out of this set; from my memories of constantly browsing this set in the mid 2000's, Carson Palmer, Terrell Suggs and Byron Leftwich were all autographed. The pens used for this set were often very hit or miss and you see bubbled up autographs that didn't transfer all that well to the sticker material they used that year. Looking back on this set it might be a kind of fun one to put together if I stumbled on a large lot to get me started. So far this is the only one from the set that I have.

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