Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Today's card: 2013 Finest Tim Tebow #73

I'm assuming that 2013 will be the last year we see cards of Tim Tebow unless perhaps he comes back a-la Doug Flutie. To do this I think he'd need to go to Area Football, the CFL or some other venue to prove himself as a quarterback again because there is no interest in the NFL any more. I used to get excited slash irritated with the games I watched of him when he was a Denver QB. He could run and make the occasional passing play but this is a quarterback driven league and there's not much place for a QB that can't throw consistently. I was very very happy when we got Peyton Manning because I knew Denver would start scoring some points. I just didn't know (and I don't think anyone did) just how successful the Broncos offense would be under Manning. He'll have to silence some critics this weekend against the Chargers, I feel like this could be a pretty close game, much closer than it should be. I'm going to say that the Broncos are going to edge one out by 7-10 points since they will be at home but our defense is going to have to perform better than they have been.

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