Saturday, January 18, 2014

Two more day's worth of additons, NFC opponent QBs!

Today's adds feature a pair of very popular QBs in the football collector world. While both of these guys are not considered "elite" Qbs yet, they are still very very popular. I'm getting to the end of the regular set and soon I'll be adding a base Rookie card from Finest to my collection on a daily basis.

Pretty excited about the AFC championship coming here to Denver this weekend. Should be a great game although weather won't be a factor (figures to be about 60 degrees.) That being said,  I think bad weather might have actually helped the Patriots more than it would us because of the long history of shitty weather games that have been won in Foxboro. I really think Denver is going to pull it out despite their poor second half showing last week. Putting the ball in Mannings hands at the very end rather than trying to pound the ball was exactly the right play.

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