Thursday, January 2, 2014

Today's card is 2013 Finest Kyle Rudolph # 66

Jumping ahead 3 cards in the Finest set (I didn't pull #63-65) we have second year phenom Kyle Rudolph. What's interesting about the Finest brand is that you really can put a rainbow set together for every player that you pull. There are 14 variations of the Kyle Rudolph card including 5 different 1/1s (the printing plates and the superfractor), you also have the regular refractor, X-fractor, blue refractor, red refractor, camo refractor numbered to 10 copies, the gold refractor and the pink refractor (also numbered to 10). Yes this is quite a few cards to pick up. Unless your player of choice is Peyton Manning or Adrian Peterson you probably won't have much competition for it though.

I'm really looking forward to some of the games this exciting football weekend, especially the Green Bay San Francisco game. It's going to be epic cold, perhaps billed as the Ice Bowl part II. What's strange is I've been reading that this game may be blacked out due to the fact that not all the tickets have been sold. What? A Green Bay playoff game NOT being sold out? That's unimaginable! I could see if Rodgers had not returned... perhaps... but this is really strange. My prediction... the Packers win this handily by 14 with some strong running by Lacey and a couple long scoring drives by Rodgers who may have to act more of a game manager in this one.

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