Friday, January 24, 2014

Working on the Rookies, here's a Texan for ya'll.

Today's card is #103 from the Finest Set, DeAndre Hopkins from Clemson. 27th overall in the draft he had some pretty good plays this year and I'd expect him to be even better next year. The Texans will have the number one pick in the draft in a few months so we'll see if they go with a traditional pick or reach for someone like QB Johnny Manziel to possibly try to ignite the franchise again. Most mock drafts have Manziel going at number 4 to the Browns which makes alot of sense too. I honestly think the Texan's season was a statistical anomaly in that they were much much better than their record shows. They lost quite a few games by 7 points or less and Case Keenum looked spectacular at times. 

The rookie cards are cool in that they show college stats on the back, while many card sets do that I've seen some that have zero stats when they are rookies.

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