Monday, January 13, 2014

Today's card, 2013 Finest Vernon Davis #84

Today's card is a pretty sweet addition, one of the most dynamic Tight Ends in the NFL today. While SportsCards Uncensored noted that all the star tight ends that played this weekend lost hobby love this week due to lack of performance, he also noted that TE is typically not a position that gets much attention.

 I'd say WRs get more love than tight ends, in this hobby Quarterback is King. Running backs have a rabid following as well but due to the high injury rate of the position, it's really not one you can invest in long term unless the player has already retired and is or will be in the Hall of Fame. 

I did a couple of box breaks this weekend, one SuperBox (which I was not very pleased with) and one 2013 Topps Chrome (which was a much better break). I've been on a box breaking frenzy as of late. I like the randomness of what you get and the thrill of opening the packs but I also enjoy set building. I'm going to go vintage next so my goal is to get a hold of a 1999 Spx football box (this was the first issue that I remember of the autographed rookie card.) What will be interesting about this break if I do manage to get a hold of a box or two is that I have the whole base set and all the auto rookies. The only additions to my collection will be the inserts and the parallels. The rest I'll end up selling back. This will be a strange box breaking dynamic but also good because I won't be too upset if I pull a redemption card. Back in the day I bought a Duante Culpepper expired redemption for 3 bucks and carefully peeled off the large sticker on the front. This left me with a pretty nice card with a hole punch and no auto. I ended up selling it on Ebay for about 15 dollars; this was when Culpepper was super hot though. Probably not much demand for this card now but if I pull a redemption I'll keep it for my collection.

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