Thursday, April 17, 2014

20th Blue wave refractor added, This one from the Steelers...

The Steelers have a huge fan base across the United States and here's a one per box RC card of Markus Wheaton. Judging by his card back stats he had an outstanding career at Oregon State. The last really big player I remember coming out of Oregon State was Steven Jackson and that worked out pretty well for the Rams for so many years. There are other notable players that have been pretty damn good from there that I didn't know until running a search like Nick Barnett (LB) for the Packers and Brandon Browner (DB) for the Seahawks.

I like the cards with plain backgrounds like these rather than some of the cards that have action shots or crowd shots in the background because it shows the "wave" pattern better and the main player photograph is offset better because of it. I understand that you can't have all the cards with the same static type of shot but these backgrounds along with the horizontal layouts interspersed within the set are some of my favorites.

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