Monday, April 7, 2014

A Bengals star from yesteryear graces my collection today

Added this 2013 Topps Chrome Blue Wave refractor to my collection today. This is the 10th so far in the regular set of 220. I was looking at purchasing another large lot to help me along with this set from the same seller that seemed to have tons and tons of Topps Chrome but I wasn't willing to pay as much for this lot as the last one because there would be so many doubles to sell or trade off. Looking at the guys lots he must have opened tons and tons of product. He had nearly a complete set of the x-fractors. He was selling lots of 50 or more of these blue waves. He also had a huge lot of pink refractors and blue refractors from 2012 which had tons of demand because of the stars like Russell Wilson and Nick Foles that were in these limited sets. I'm glad he was selling but was wondering what the draw would be to open so much product and then being forced to sell for pennies on the dollar which is essentially what happens with lots on Ebay. 

I did end up getting my first autograph from the 60 Blue Wave Rookie Autograph set yesterday, a Miguel Maysonet that ended up going for less than 10 dollars. My goal is to get at least auto a month, maybe more if I can afford it. At that rate it will take 5 years to complete this set but my patience is unlimited. It took me 7 years to complete the 1999 Spx set and 4 years to complete the 2008 Spx set. I can be very patient when it comes to hunting down the cards I need at a good price to finish off a set.

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