Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nice Blue Wave of 6th overall pick Barkevious Mingo

Today's card is one of the first horizontal card layouts I've seen and with the blue wave refractor technology it looks stunning as you can see. Mingo did well for a rookie last year, in looking up his stats looks like his first ever career sack came from getting Tom Brady, not a bad way to start off. 

A minor difference between the autographed and non autographed versions of these cards besides the lightened area where the auto goes is that the team logo gets moved out of the middle so the player has more room to sign. This is my sixth card in the series and I've got enough buildup now to showcase one a day of these cards for quite some time what with the awesome lots I picked up on Ebay.

On other product notes it looks like Fleer Retro is live for Upper Deck (weird right?) and now we're seeing all the throwback insert sets but very few on-card autos. As with all UD products they are going to be college uniforms, a big problem with collectors like me that enjoy NFL based products. I stopped collecting the SPX brand for this very reason, just can't get into the college theme that much because I don't tend to follow college. Focusing on the singles I need for this set seems to be a far better project that shooting in the dark for big hits out of the late NFL releases like this and National Treasures.

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