Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spectacular additions today since I'm a Broncos fan AND doing this Blue Wave Set

No reason to be shy about these beauties today, especially if you're a die-hard Broncos fa like me! These are the Topps Blue Wave Refractors #'s 1 and 97 respectively. The Manning alone was going for over 10.00 or more right before the SuperBowl, it's now leveled off to a more reasonable 6 or 7 bucks on Ebay. I'd guess this would sell for 20-25 at your local card shop, especially here in Denver. I got the Manning from one huge lot of 45 of these cards for a very reasonable price and the Decker in another. Buying lots for set collectors is a dream come true because shipping is reduced per card and any doubles you get you can sell off one by one and really recoup some of your collecting costs. You have to have the patience to do it but in the long run you will do far better for your collection than any other method. Box breaking, group breaking, shows and card shops just can't compete with the vast marketplace that Ebay has become. has been making a run at it as well as other minor players like Amazon (in the sports cards market anyway, in other products like books they are obviously industry giants). I'm not really too impressed with because the niche that they claim to cater to (the small time buyer who just needs a common or two to finish their set) can just as easily be filled by Ebay. also claims to have an edge up on Ebay because of their "low low" shipping prices capped out at 3.00 per card. If you look on Ebay, very rarely will you see unreasonable shipping costs because sellers are now rated for it. It has become more and more expensive to ship cards and you always want to be careful of those sellers offering free or very reduced shipping costs because guess what... it will come to you in a plain white envelope with high risk for damage and maybe a toploader if you're lucky. I even had one card shop sell me 4 hall of famer autographs. No top loader, plain white envelope and they were all sandwiched between a piece of cardboard. Why in the hell would you ship even commons that way much less 4 very rare cards with AUTOGRAPHS? The common sense of some of these sellers really eludes me sometimes. I will gladly pay 2 or 3 dollars for shipping to get an undamaged card. 

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