Sunday, April 6, 2014

A strange case of different uniforms on the same player

I am adding the regular version of the 2013 TC Blue Wave, Miguel Maysonet #13. I was wondering if the autographed version was of someone else although I thought it was really unlikely someone had the same name since the last name is so strange. When I checked under Beckett organize it appears that they are both card #13 so they are the same player, it's just the autographed and base versions are using a different photo . I looked him up on and it appears that he's actually with neither of these teams, that he's on the Steelers (his 7th team!) I don't think I've heard of anyone going through that many organizations before, especially in such a short period of time. This is one of those autographs that you might expect to pull from Contenders (that is a scrub that will probably never play) but the checklist for the Topps Chrome Autographs is pretty deep. One might wonder why it's needed to have an autograph of nearly every rookie but everyone's hoping for the next big thing. It's also a nice draw for the team collector. Team collectors probably outweigh the individual player collector, I've had several instances where I've invested heavily in an individual player on my favorite team only to see them get traded a year or two later. Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler are great examples. I never thought they'd get traded but under the Josh McDaniels regime they both got booted in the same season. This might be why I've shifted my focus mainly to sets. There is a sense of satisfaction to completing them and what happens to individual players don't matter as much when you've diversified your spending habits.

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