Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Newest pair of Blue Wave refractors added to my set!

Got these two added to my Beckett organize! Both are rookies which is pretty sweet. I know collecting cards should be fun but the look on Travis Kelce's face is well, kind of ridiculous. Some of these up close and personal shots make the card look like a Back Street Boys poster and not a football card. The Dion Jordan? Comparatively awesome. He's got his full uniform on and it looks like he's pointing right at the QB promising pain and destruction. That's the kind of bad ass looking card I want in my collection.

Dion Jordan has been the subject of trade talks with the Eagles since he vastly under performed on a bad team. Chip Kelly of the Eagles coached him at Oregon and believes he's be a good fit in the system. I think it could be a good trade for them because Jordan might be undervalued if his performance was just the result of being poorly coached. With such a deep draft class the Eagles could be giving up too much. It's really unfortunate that the Eagles lost Desean Jackson to FA because they could have really been a contender this year and I think he was the lynchpin to that franchise despite his selfish attitude.

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