Saturday, April 26, 2014

More progress with my Topps Chrome Blue Wave refractor set

I haven't posted for a few days so this post contains what equates to about a week of additions. I might be visiting the local card shop today for a case break and an autograph session so I will see if I can find any more of the 220 cards I need to make a dent in this gargantuan set. I am really enjoying the hockey and basketball playoffs and am thinking about getting a hockey box to see if I can pull a Nathan McKinnon Rookie. He's the hottest player right now and being here in Colorado it's really fun having a superstar rookie as part of one of the teams you follow. Mike from Mike's Stadium Sportscards even has an article about it that you can read here courtesy of Sports Cards Collector's Daily which I follow on Facebook.

As he mentioned, his signature isn't much to look at but the hype surrounding him is unreal. He already scored 7 points in the first two games of the playoffs which is unheard of. He's only 18 too which puts his upside in the stratosphere of a young Wayne Gretzky or Sidney Crosby. 

One thing that's odd about Denver is that you'd think it was a huge hockey town. Honestly you don't hear that much about the fact they are in the playoffs; when I ask people at my gym or work about it, I mostly just draw blank stares. Our town really belongs to the Broncos. I'm lucky enough to work less than a mile from Dove Valley and get to pass the team headquarters all the time on the way to other places. People always talk about Manning, the Superbowl loss, what next year will be like, whatever. If the Avs blow this series which is entirely possible with this two game slide, I don't think too many people here in Denver will even know. And that's a shame!

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