Friday, December 19, 2014

A 2005 Topps Chrome Edgerrin James

This card is pretty cool because the back of the card showed all the AFC rushing leaders in 2004. Some of them I expected like Curtis Martin (now in the HOF) and Ladanian Tomlinson (soon to be in the HOF) but some of the guys on the list I had nearly forgotten about. Anyone remember when Rueben Drougens rushed for 1200 yards for the Broncos? I had almost forgotten this and I'm a Broncos fan. Rudi Johnson and Chris Brown were also huge that year too. Sometimes even hardcore fans like me forget the semistars like these guys were in their time. It also just shows the flash in the pan status that some players have even now. Just keep that in mind when you spend big dollars on a guy just cause he had a few good games. Investing in sports cards is tough and the card might tank while it's in the mail to you, just goes that fast sometimes. That being said I have made money either on prospects that I thought would be good (like Nick Foles) or underpriced large autographed card lots. It can be done but the best thing is to spread out the portfolio so to speak. I buy diversified lots where if one player does well I can make my money back and then some. I've done it enough times to have a good sense for it but I've made mistakes at times too and lost money on a few big cards too. One mistake I made was buying a redemption for a Deion Sanders Bo Jackson dual autograph jersey card from Elite. By the time I got it back (one year later) the demand for it died down and I lost about 30-40 dollars once I finally sold it. Redemptions can be pretty bad or they can do really well. Most cases I've seen though you lose money because the product is too old by the time they get fulfilled OR you end up waiting for so long the card is totally valueless by the time you get it back if you ever do. This can easily happen with rookies. That's why collectors and case breakers just hate these things. The Panini points system isn't much better but it's a step in the right direction. 

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