Monday, December 29, 2014

Topps Chrome Rookie Auto

     Here is one of the three rookie autographs I got in the mail today. I only paid 1.40 for each of the three and they are cards I need for the 2014 Topps Chrome collection I have going. I feel bad for the seller having to unload these three autographs so cheaply but that's the going rate for most of these. Boxes might plunge a little more in price now that the Odell Beckham RC Auto Superfractor has been pulled.

    All three of the cards I got are rookie players with no stats in 2014 so I guess they aren't what you'd call impact players. This watered down rookie autograph content really makes Topps look bad. I know they are still the best card company right now when it comes to football cards but collectors all around have been extremely disgruntled with this release. It has made me reconsider buying a box or two for sure. I'll be saving my money for something better and pick these autos and singles up for much less.

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