Thursday, December 18, 2014

Standard base card from 2005 but it is Peyton Manning!

Today's card is just your average base (#136 from 2005), not quite a good as some of the additions I've been lucky enough to book lately but certainly a good card for me. The last Manning card I added was the 2013 shortprint version, #1B about a month and a half ago. There were a few different versions of 2005 Topps chrome that were available for Peyton. He had this base card and then some other base cards in the set like you'll see with some stars in larger sets, "League Leaders" being one of those subsets. This was one of the first years that the 1/1 printing plates were released so there are 12 total cards that are printing plates (3 card types, 4 colors). With 2004 being a banner year for Manning (a then record of 49 TDs) he had all sorts of cards released in 2005. I couldn't even venture to guess how many new cards of him are released per year but if Beckett is correct there were over 700 cards of Manning released in 2013.

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