Thursday, December 25, 2014

Today's card is of Tom Terrific!

Today's card comes from 2014 Topps Chrome and is of course one of the best to ever play the game. These Fantasy Focus cards come at a rate of 2 per box. Since fantasy is such a fickle game I'd like to post the checklist here and see if there were any non-factors in 2014.

FF-AB Antonio Brown - Pittsburgh Steelers
FF-AG A.J. Green - Cincinnati Bengals
FF-AJ Alshon Jeffery - Chicago Bears
FF-AL Andrew Luck - Indianapolis Colts
FF-AP Adrian Peterson - Minnesota Vikings
FF-AR Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers
FF-BM Brandon Marshall - Chicago Bears
FF-CJ Calvin Johnson - Detroit Lions
FF-CK Colin Kaepernick - San Francisco 49ers
FF-CN Cam Newton - Carolina Panthers
FF-DB Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints
FF-DM DeMarco Murray - Dallas Cowboys
FF-DR Dez Bryant - Dallas Cowboys
FF-DT Demaryius Thomas - Denver Broncos
FF-EL Eddie Lacy - Green Bay Packers
FF-JC Jamaal Charles - Kansas City Chiefs
FF-JN Jordy Nelson - Green Bay Packers
FF-JR Jimmy Graham - New Orleans Saints
FF-JT Julius Thomas - Denver Broncos
FF-JW Jason Witten - Dallas Cowboys
FF-LM LeSean McCoy - Philadelphia Eagles
FF-MF Matt Forté - Chicago Bears
FF-ML Marshawn Lynch - Seattle Seahawks
FF-MS Matthew Stafford - Detroit Lions
FF-PM Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos
FF-RB Reggie Bush - Detroit Lions
FF-RW Russell Wilson - Seattle Seahawks
FF-TB Tom Brady - New England Patriots
FF-TR Tony Romo - Dallas Cowboys
FF-VD Vernon Davis - San Francisco 49ers

I'd say they nailed the list down pretty well with the exception of Adrian Peterson (legal troubles), Vernon Davis (30 year old tight end on poor offensive team this year) and Russel Wilson (never has been a top fantasy QB) By keeping this list short and sweet the team at Topps made this a little subset that I think anyone would enjoy putting together. Interestingly enough I had both Tom Brady and Andrew Luck on my fantasy team at the beginning of the year. Foolishly I dropped Brady early on the year when he was doing poorly thinking he was done. Brady proved me wrong as the year went on, in fact one of my hated opponents beat me using Brady. It's kind of like the fable of the eagle that gave one of his feathers to the archer and, as he lay dying looked at the arrow fletched with his own feather. Moral of the story is don't ever give up on Tom Brady. This card is a nice addition for me. I pulled it from my three team case break a few weeks ago.

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