Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A pair of Topps Chrome WR rookies

The first card pictured here is only my second 2004 Topps Chrome card, #194 Jerricho Cotchery base RC. The next one is my 340th from 2013 Topps Chrome (2013 Topps Chrome #65B Aaron Dobson) The Dobson is the case hit short print photo variation card. I've been winning quite a few of these auctions lately for a few bucks so it's apparent that collectors aren't giving these much value except for the first few months after release. It also has to do with the player popularity as well. Not too many people are collecting Dobson this year as he hasn't really played much. The card like the Manning will always have interest because it's a star QB and he has tons and tons of collectors.

The 2004 card is pretty cool because it's a player that's still playing in the league after 10 years. That doesn't happen too much. While Cotchery has been little more than a WR3 on the teams he's been on he's had some longevity. I played "Guess those stats" in my head and I thought he had around 4,500 yards and about 15 TDs. I looked at his stats on and it's around 6,000 yards and 30 TDs. (One year he had 10 for the Steelers which I did not remember).

Both are pretty cool additions to my growing Chrome obsession. Enjoy!

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