Sunday, December 7, 2014

Today's card is a case hit again and is a sweet autograph

This card was purchased over a year ago in a very well priced lot I got on Ebay when I was on a 2013 Finest buying spree. These cards have settled down quite a bit as collectors are chasing this years autographs and brands. I like the look of these better than this year's rookie cards simply because last year was on card. This year all the rookie cards are stickers which doesn't look as good.

Yesterday I got in on a case break of 2014 Chrome football and to say the least it was as underwhelming as all the forums have pointed out. In our case we go 0 supers, 0 printing plates, 12 autographs of guys like Logan Thomas of the Cardinals and Andre Williams of the Giants and Terrance West of the Browns. The rest were guys that nobody has heard of and probably never will. We got 10 base autographs, 1 refractor autograph (the Terrance West was numbered to 150) and one camo autograph of Damien Williams. The complaints are real. Not many colored refractor autographs and no autographs of any of the top guys. I bought in for 3 teams and got murdered in terms of value but I did have fun. I got the Patriots, Bills and Cowboys. I didn't get any autographs but got some refractors and some colored refractors from these teams. I also got some doubles of  Sammy Watkins to hold on to as well as the Patriots QB Jimmy Garropollo. In this case it would have made much more sense to go ahead with a box but you also can't beat the fun of a case break at a physical shop. I also got a ton of cards to add to my growing Chrome collection. I ended up purchasing a Denard Robinson Chrome base autograph from last year from a collector looking to trade some items to the owner of the store. I overpaid by a little bit (paid 15.00 for a card that sells from 5-10 on Ebay) but when you look at completed eBay sales on things most collectors don't want to part with their items for those flea market prices. Sometimes when the item is right there in front of you and you need it for your collection it's best just to pull the trigger.

While I had fun I can see first hand why box values are plummeting on this product every day. The risk for getting skunked is too great. Even on Ebay the singles are being fire-sold off. I picked up a base autograph of Michael Campanaro (WR for the Ravens) as well as a yellow printing plate of a Cowboys safety (Ahmad Dixon) for another 10 bucks combined which helped make up for the sting of this break. Had I pulled those cards in the break I would have been much more satisfied and this way I have an autograph from this year's chrome and a 1/1 which would beat the odds of many boxes.

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