Friday, December 26, 2014

Why Not collect the best in the game?

I realized the other day that I have a small collection of both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady so why not try to go for good collections of both? My Tom Brady collection is a bit better with the 2000 Spx RC leading the way. My Manning collection also only has one rookie card (oddly enough) with his 1998 Topps Gold Label being the only card I have in this collection. Yesterday I added a Brady, today a Peyton and I think these might be the only ones I have left. The rookies of both are pretty out of sight with Brady having much less cards in 2000 than Manning did in 1998. Manning was hyped to the gills being the #1 overall pick as a QB, a rarity in this era. The same can be said of Andrew Luck right now, many people are asking why his cards are valued so much more than Russell Wilson and the answer is obvious. Luck can win games on his own, there have been many examples of this in this season alone. Put Wilson on a team with not much of a supporting cast and I don't think you would see the ability and "wowness" that Luck showcases. 

I'll be adding cards from previous breaks as I save up for my next Brady RC (any one will do but I'll try to get something in a lot) I decided it's best to focus my efforts on cards that will retain their value rather than rookies that won't even play a down. This is what smart collectors do and I think after many years I'm seeing the value of this.

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