Sunday, December 14, 2014

Today's card is an encased X-fractor!

Today's card is a beautiful box-topper X-fractor card from the 2004 Topps Chrome set. The original holder has some scratches on it and the little Topps sticker is lifting up. I got it in some lot years ago and it's been forgotten until today. I'm not real sure what the Gold Xfractor configuration was but it was probably 1 per box. Some of these were autographed as well. I remember the Tatum Bell (former Broncos RB that was super hot in 2004) being a card that I wanted for the longest time. Now it's only a few bucks it's a good thing I didn't spring for it at the time. Doing a search on Ebay revealed around 1500 Tatum Bell cards on sale right now which is kind of amazing. Some sellers are wanting 2004 prices too which goes to show how delusional Ebay can be. Only 47 Bell cards have even sold in the last 3 months so there's tons of stock that people just can't get rid of.

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