Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The final card in my Chrome RC auto lot

    Another Topps Chrome RC autograph out of the 2014 product goes into my collection. This particular one is #181 Jordan Lynch. I learned from the back of the card that even though he was undrafted (no large surprise considering these can be had for a dollar or two on Ebay) he was a Heisman Trophy candidate as a QB for the Washington Huskies. I had a little time off today due to the holidays so I was considering swinging by the local card shop to grab another box regardless of how bad the product has tanked. There is a nice large lot tonight that ends on Ebay with tons of autos from this product that I'm going to shoot for instead. Impulse buys are usually not good, often you're just left with a sour taste in your mouth, especially if your box was bad. I think I'll pass today and see what goodies Ebay has to offer. 

While I was perusing the site (a great resource for box reviews and industry news I popped across an online shop that seemed to have reasonable prices, even on freshly pulled autographs and base singles. Next time you need to fill that hole in your base set or find that tough insert check out Football Card Shop. Even comparing to Ebay they seem reasonable and they have thousands of singles priced far better than similar items on the Beckett Marketplace.

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