Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another 2014 Topps Chrome RC card autograph

Here's my second of three rookie autographs I got on Ebay last week. The design really is nice and the autograph is on-card for most of the set. I've seen a few (the Jake Matthews OT for the Falcons) where the autographs were on a sticker. As you can see by this one the autograph can be much bigger and have a sweeping look to it than those confined to those tiny stickers. Not all the players make use of the space they are given (and there sure are some lazy signers in this set) but when they do it looks really cool. This card is a prime example of that. People went bananas over the Money Manziel card, an example where the top rookie decided to inscribe "Money Manziel" below his autograph.

Some collectors were annoyed with the product as I've mentioned several times before. One collector, Mike Pereira had an excellent rant on Beckett which you can read here:

Mike Pereira
\This year’s Topps Chrome is awful because unlike last year there is no limit we know of on the base autos. Last year it was limited to 600 or less so we had as good as chance of hitting a Le’Veon Bell as hitting a Tyler Wilson. Now who knows how many Johnny Manziels are available while we keep getting multiples of players like Mike Davis in a single case. Without auto limits who’s to know that Manziel only signed 100 base autos while Davis signed 1000. Collectors have a worse chance of pulling something they want when the product is stacked with fillers. Topps is stacking the product with cheap filler player autos and hiding exactly how many are available for each player so they can make more cases and therefore make more money as collectors continue to open more product looking for players they want. And unlike last year if you take the stated Refractor total you are really only getting two numbered refractors since Topps is counting the three that everyone gets in a box that aren’t numbered (blue wave, pulsar, and green) and then three base reflectors. Leaving collectors only two total numbered cards per box instead of eight.

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